Sciatica Pain Relief

How a Chiropractor Can Help

Lower back pain is one of the most common ailments that people live with. If you feel a sharp, piercing pain running the length of your legs that seems to start in your lower back, there is a strong chance that this is coming for your sciatica. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve of the body. It starts at the buttocks and goes all the way down to your toes. In many cases, sciatica pain is a result of a herniated disc or pinched nerve. If you’re unable to find relief from this pain, let Spine Life Chiropractic help with your pain treatment.

First, we need to have you come in to see what your symptoms are. Generally, a problem with the sciatic nerve is associated with pain in the legs that worsens when sitting, a burning/tingling feeling in your legs, a numbness/weakness down your legs and into your feet, constant pain in your lower back, and pain so severe that you feel like you can’t stand up.

Once diagnosed, our chiropractor can offer a few different methods to relieve your pain.

Massage Therapy
During a massage therapy session, the muscles are coaxed into a deep relaxation, which will offer a natural pain relief through endorphins. The goal here is to help soothe and heal the sciatica rather than just treating the pain. We will apply pressure over the area, gradually giving you longer-lasting pain relief.

Because a herniated disc is often the cause of sciatica pain, chiropractic adjustments may be necessary. With this method, fast thrusts and gentle pressure is used accordingly, allowing us to help get the disc back into place and relieving pressure off of the sciatic nerve.

You may also be given exercises that you can do at home, as well as advice for posture during work or leisure to help limit pain when you’re not in the office. Chiropractic care is a viable option to not only managing but ending your sciatic nerve pain. Please contact us today at one of our two offices to schedule an appointment.

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