Thanks for considering us to help you move better, feel better, and live better.

We take a unique, patient centered approach. Patients often comment on how we create a different Chiropractic experience.

  • Dr. Turner takes time each appointment to listen and adapt the treatment to your specific condition. He spends 20% more time with each patient than the average chiropractor.
  • You’ll receive a treatment and adjustment the first appointment to help bring relief. You don’t have to wait for your second appointment to start experiencing relief.
  • Two locations. Dr. Turner provides care at both Niceville and Crestview, FL.
  • We don’t pressure you or try to get you to sign up for contracts. Instead, if you need multiple visits, we offer treatment suggestions and discounts.
  • Therapy included with every visit at no extra cost.

Read on for some common questions.

What is the first appointment like?

You’ll check-in with our friendly staff and fill out some paperwork.

First, I’ll meet with you and take time to listen your history, symptoms, and seek to identify the source of your health problem.

Second, I’ll do a gentle exam and, if needed, take x-rays.

Third, I’ll usually do a gentle chiropractic adjustment during the same appointment so you can begin to experience some relief. Included in this first appointment are multiple therapy options to provide additional relief.

Finally, we will discuss some treatment options without any contract obligations. Instead of pressuring you into contracts, we offer discounts for multiple visits.

The entire appointment takes about an hour. My goal is to help you get relief starting with the first appointment.

What symptoms and health problems do you treat?

  • Headaches
  • Back & Neck pain
  • Sports Injuries
  • Soft Tissue Pain and Injuries
  • Auto Accident Injuries
  • & more

We also provide chiropractic care during pregnancy and adjustments for babies, toddlers, and kids. School physicals also available.

Who is Dr. Justin Turner?
Read more about him here.

What insurance do you accept?
We take auto insurance for car accident injuries and also take Medicare. Many patients self-pay.

Do you treat car accident injuries?
Yes! Many times auto insurance will pay for the treatment.

What is the cost for the first appointment?
A new patient visit is $100 and consists of a thorough examination, chiropractic adjustment, and a therapeutic modality. X-rays, if needed, are additional.

Includes initial exam, diagnosis, adjustment, therapy, and treatment recommendations. We don’t pressure you into contracts. Instead we give discounts if you need multiple visits.

How do I setup an appointment?
New patients can call us to setup the appointment. Existing patients can call or book online.

(850) 398-8985 – Crestview, FL
(850) 729-8050 – Niceville, FL

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